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What fun right now at the farm

Asparagus season is still in full swing here at Barrie Hills Farms. It is a amazing time to take the family on a out door adventure & enjoy some of this beautiful sunshine. Come take the kids on a wagon ride to pick there own basket of asparagus for dinner. Its fun and rewarding seeing the kids getting off the wagons carrying there own baskets with big smiles on there faces. Once your family is back in the market there is still more fun experiences to be had looking and picking out cool stuff to grow in our plant section. There is a wide variety of flowers, herbs, veggies & bushes to choose from. Each year we do a family contest at my house for who can grow the best pumpkin over the summer and that same contest turns into a who can carve there pumpkin into the scariest creature for Halloween. ( My baby shark pumpkin lost last year but I think I did a great job). We also have a couple of the raspberry bushes that my puppy Bailey loves going to get a treat from when the berries are in season.

There is a huge section of gorgeous carved wooden utensils, bowls, accent pieces & charcuterie boards. Lots of yummy new products arriving daily & all of our great staff eager to serve you. Tom the Market Manager will also be available for any questions or advice on any of our products ( He excels on knowledge about our baked goods ).

Come make some memories & Have some outside family fun

Cant wait to see your smiling eyes


Chef Niki

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Barrie Hill Farms is a second generation family farm, owned and operated by the Gervais Family, that grows over 200 acres of fruit and vegetables.

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