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Gift Card

Gift Card


Barrie Hill Farms Gift Card ($25, $50 and $100).

  • Can be used for Pick Your Own, Farm Market and Drive Thru. Not valid for curbside (at this time)
  • If you only purchase a Gift Card we will email you a digital copy of your Gift Card. (Each Gift Card will be a separate email for the amount purchased).
  • If your Gift Card Purchase is accompanied by other items we will give you a physical Gift Card on pickup
  • Gift Cards can be purchased towards the order minimum of $50.00
  • For your protection you may register your gift card with Barrie Hill Farms (instructions provided in email or upon pickup)

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Local food can be better for your health for a few reasons. To begin with, local foods often retain more nutrients. Local produce is allowed to ripen naturally, while food that travels long distances is often picked before it’s ripe. And food picked fresh and in season doesn’t have far to travel before being sold!


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