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Pick-Your-Own Pricing

Pick-Your-Own Pricing
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Pick-Your-Own Pricing

The Promise To Pick

Pick-Your-Own Crop Pricing

Asparagus $4.99/lb

Strawberries $3.49/lb

Fall Strawberries $3.99/lb

Blueberries $3.99/lb

Raspberries $5.49/lb

Peas $3.49/lb

Green & Yellow Beans $3.49/lb

Sweet Corn $9/dozen, or $1 each

Apples $1.99/lb

Popping Corn $9/dozen, or $1 each

Pumpkins – $10 each or any 3 for $25

Monster Pumpkins – 50-100+lbs – each $20

Pro Tip: You can pick multiple crops when you come to our farm! Make sure to check our pick your own schedule to see which crops are available. Pay one “promise to pick” fee, and pick as many pick-your-own crops as you’d like!

How much do I have to pick?

Now you know our prices, but you want to make sure you’re picking enough fruit in weight to cover your “promise to pick” fee. We get it! We want to make sure you’re bringing home enough fruit too! Each person above the age of 6 should pick:

Strawberries: pick one 2L basket, approximate cost $8.75

Fall Strawberries: pick one 2L basket, approximate cost $10

Blueberries: pick one 2L basket, approximate cost $12

Raspberries: pick one 1L basket, approximate cost $10

2L Strawberries
1L Strawberries

Sampling Our Crops

We understand sampling is part of the fun and experience! However, we work all year for this one harvest to make a living, so please just have a little taste, and be considerate.

Don't forget Your Basket!

Don’t forget to bring your own basket! Our crops are sold by weight, so you can bring as many baskets for picking as you’d like. It’s easier if everyone has a basket. We’ll make sure to weigh your baskets on the way in and deduct their weight on the way out – so you pay only for the products you’ve picked.

If you forget your basket, don’t worry, we have some you can purchase!  And they can be recycled, or used again and again on subsequent visits to the farm.

pick-your-own baskets