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What's Open For Picking?

When Does Picking Begin?

We have a fruit or vegetable crop available for picking everyday for 6 months of the year. Our pick your own typically begins in the beginning of May, and runs all the way until October 31st. Here is an overview of when you can expect to see our crops available for picking (but of course, mother nature always has the final say!)

sampling our Crops

We understand sampling is part of the fun and experience! However, we work all year for this one harvest to make a living, so please just have a little taste, and be considerate.

Don't Forget Your Basket!

Don’t forget to bring your own basket! We charge by weight, so you can bring as many baskets as you’d like – one for everyone in the family! 

If you forget your basket, don’t worry, we have some for sale! You can purchase them and re-use them on future visits.

pick-your-own baskets