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“Mommy where do strawberries come from?” Kids brains are sponges and like any parent knows they will ask and want to know about anything and everything. They scan there dinner each night pushing food around there plate. Not because its yucky but because they are trying to figure out exactly what it is and how it made its way to there plate. For those blessed enough to have grown up on a farm its common knowledge that your pet chicken gives you eggs, the black & white cows give you milk. Unless its windy or stormy then the cows give you milk shakes lol.( Yup bad country joke) but its all knowledge of everyday life. The place where you are not allowed to ride your bike is the garden because that is where your mom gathers veggies to make meals. I remember my sister and I being so jealous of our in-town friends getting to go to the store to get a treat and the only place we got to go grab a snack in the summer was the garden or the hose for a drink.

Now on the other side is a kid that grows up in a city. Parks with swings. Amazing internet, they can walk to the movie theatre & go to the store to get a treat. Neighbors and friends are only a few steps away. Groceries come from a market or grocery store up the street. To the country kid the city kid has it all but to the city kid the country kid has it all. How the food gets to the table is not as important as what memory was made getting it there. Maybe you and your family watched a really great cooking show together. You guys seen a dish they were preparing and all your family went to the store together to buy the ingredients and make it together. Automatically the meal tastes better because some love & giggles went into making it.

Now lets go a step even farther and give your kids something they can take with them for the rest of there life. City kids or country kids will both be so excited and amazed riding on a wagon pulled by a tractor with there family. Seeing all the gorgeous fields full of fruits and veggies growing as you guys sit on the wagon all cuddled together in your pod with baskets. The kids eyes light up as they go past each field asking a million questions about what each plant is and what they will become. They learn that everything starts with a seed and becomes something beautiful. When you guys reach the field, picking out the best looking berries to fill your basket and knowing that they are gonna become yummy deserts or the world best jam makes the kids happy and excited to be involved in the process that will bring so much joy into your families lives.

Education, integrity and importance of being included are 3 gifts that you can provide your children with just by letting them learn about farm to table. The memory and the tradition we can provide you each year from the farm.

Cant wait to see all you & your family

All the best

Chef Niki

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Barrie Hill Farms is a second generation family farm, owned and operated by the Gervais Family, that grows over 200 acres of fruit and vegetables.

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