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Tips for Pick-Your-Own!

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Coming to the farm and picking your own crops can be a fun family outing and a great way to create lasting memories while supporting local. If you’re planning to come to our farm this season, check-out some of these tips that we put together to maximize your experience! 

1. Bring Your own basket

Don’t forget to bring your own basket! We charge by weight, so you can bring as many baskets as you’d like – one for everyone in the family! We weigh your baskets on your way in, so you won’t be charged for the weight of your baskets when you check out. 

If you forget your basket, don’t worry, we have some for sale at our pick-your-own entrance! You can purchase them and re-use them on future visits.

2. Plan Your Visit

Before you head over to our farm, make sure to plan your visit. We have all sorts of resources available to answer all your questions! 

Check out our new farm map, so you can determine where to park, and which parts of our farm you’d like to experience first.

You can see our full Silo Cafe menu here, so you can plan your snacks ahead! 

Don’t forget to also check-out our pick-your-own schedule to see which crops we have available. We also have our our pick-your-own pricing outlined here. With a description on how much you should pick to cover our $7.00 pre-paid “promise to pick” fee.

Our harvest schedule will help give you an idea on which crops we’ll have available in our market.

Don’t forget to also check-out the events we have planned! If you’re looking to check out things like local artisan vendors, live music and more. Looking for a quiet, more intimate experience? We’d suggest coming bright and early during the week. You can find our hours here.

3. Pick multiple crops in one visit

Did you know you can pick multiple crops during one visit? You can pay one “promise to pick” fee and pick as many in-season crops as you’d like! Make sure to check-out our pick-your own schedule to get an idea on when our crops will be ready for picking. Farmer Morris also updates our Daily Updates page daily, if you’re looking for real-time information.

4. Bring a reusable water bottle

Together let’s reduce our single use plastic waste! We have a water refill station located right behind our Silo Café. Forgot to bring your reusable water bottle? We have cups available for purchase at our Silo Café! 

5. Dress for the weather

Our fields are open rain or shine! Unless we have extreme weather that can be unsafe. If our fields are closed due to the weather, Farmer Morris will instantly update our Daily Updates page, so if you’re planning a visit to our farm, but are unsure about the weather, make sure to check Farmer Morris’ updates first! 

Don’t forget to dress for the weather! A change of clothes in the car for children is never a bad idea if we’ve had rain recently, or are expecting some. If it’s a sunny day, make sure to bring a hat and dress to keep cool!

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Barrie Hill Farms is a second generation family farm, owned and operated by the Gervais Family, that grows over 200 acres of fruit and vegetables.

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