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Very Important Picker (V.I.P) Passes

Very Important Picker (V.I.P) Passes


We have pick-your-own available for 6 months of the year, and we know we have some Very Important Pickers that like to take advantage of the season and enjoy all the pick-your-own crops we have available! With our V.I.P’s in mind, we bring you our Very Important Picker Passes!

Skip lines, jump past our “promise to pick” fee, and enjoy priority wagon boarding and check-out.

Our V.I.P Passes include:

  • Skip the general line at our pick-your-own entrance, head straight to our V.I.P laneway and scan your V.I.P pass!
  • No promise to pick fee required for the season, just scan your pass and get ready to board our wagon!
  • Priority wagon boarding at our pick-your-own entrance
  • Priority check-out at pick-your-own, when available
  • 5% discount on your pick-your-own crops
  • 5% discount at our Silo Café
  • Automatic entry into a draw to win our Ultimate Porch Package this fall
  • 5% discount on our Christmas baskets
  • VIP Parking in our designated Very Important Picker parking area – VIP Parking permit needs to be displayed

Please ensure to have your VIP pass easily accessible. It may be checked at multiple check-points.

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