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The Promise to Pick

The Promise to Pick
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"Promise to pick" means that you're promising to help Farmer Morris harvest our crops!

 Our pick-your-own crops are offered at a lower cost than our already picked crops because you’re helping us with our harvest!

Our family depends on this harvest for our living. So we ask that if you’re between the ages 6-96, to board our wagons for a scenic wagon ride out to our picking fields, you pay a $7.00 “promise to pick” fee. This “promise to pick” fee then gets deducted from your total cost of crops picked.

We encourage you to pick more than $7.00 worth of our crops, as the “promise to pick” fee will not be refunded and can not be used for purchases in our market. You can however pay one “promise to pick” fee and pick multiple crops from our fields. Check out our pick-your-own schedule to see what we have available.

If you’re not looking to pick, but are just looking for a wagon ride, that’s okay!  You can still hop on our wagon, see how the farm works and check out how our crops grow! However, we still ask that you pay the “promise to pick” fee. We are trying to offer all our farm guests the best experience, and the lowest cost possible on our crops. By paying the “promise to pick” fee, you’re helping ensure that we can have the right amount of staff working and tractors running to keep the farm operating smoothly.

We love having you on our farm, thank you for helping us harvest our crops! You can check out our pick-your-own schedule here. We hope to see you soon! 

-The Gervais Family