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Potato Fun & Facts

From breakfast to dinner potatoes are a vegetable that can enhance any meal. Crispy golden hash browns that can pair perfectly with a rich buttery eggs benedict, french fries with your favorite burger, A creamy garlic mashed with your steak or feet up on the couch munching potato chips the list is endless. Versatile and fun to let your creativity go wild with, potatoes are the star of any meal. But did you wanna know some cool facts about potatoes?

  • Potatoes have a Spanish origin and were originally called “Patata”. It changed in 1950 to potato but we often refer to them as Spuds, tater or tattie.
  • China is the worlds largest potato producer
  • Potatoes are 99.9% fat free
  • Potatoes are a great drink aka Vodka
  • At one time in back in the 1890s potatoes were so valuable that they were traded for gold directly
  • You can be poisoned by consuming the sprouts or the leaves of a potato plant
  • You should only wash a potato right before cooking
  • You can live off potatoes alone and be quite healthy as long as you pair it with milk or butter
  • A tomato is half tomato half potato
  • When you buy a potato it is still alive
  • Potatoes were the first vegetable grown in space AND THATS WHAT MAKES THEM OUT OF THIS WORLD

Come on out to Barrie Hill Farms and try some of this years amazing new crop, We have both beautiful red and white new Ontario potatoes. We also have a large variety of veggies & meats that would love to make a appearance at your dinner table tonight.

The wagons are hitched, the market is stocked & we are all smiles to you you

Cheers & thanks for supporting local

Chef Niki

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