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Fresh Picked or Pick Your Own (end June – mid July)

The first taste of summer! With over 25 acres of strawberries, Barrie Hill Farms is your best choice for strawberry picking! We grow 3 varieties of strawberries for your enjoyment; Annapolis, Jewel, and Albion. 


A sweet and juicy berry with a firm texture, this earliest strawberry yields massive amounts of very large, light red berries. It is a great multi purpose berry. This variety was bred in Nova Scotia by Agriculture Canada. 


This large bright red berry has lots of mellow, sweet, refreshing flavour that is perfect for jams, baking, freezing, and of course eating! You can find these berries blooming mid strawberry season.


As a new hybrid recently developed in California, the Albion, with its sweet taste and bright red colour, is an ever-bearing day-neutral type berry that produces fruit all summer and into the fall until the first frost. Its reliable firmness and high sugar content make this variety perfect for jams and  desserts of any kind! If growing these beautiful berries at home it is important to remember that these strawberries will continue blooming, therefore continuous harvesting is essential as they ripen to make room for new ones.


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