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Gourmet Sweet Corn is Ready!

IMG_2558 Starting today our Gourmet Sweet variety “274” is ready to go. This is such an awesome variety, that we don’t know why Stokes Seed Company didn’t give it it’s own name. Even though it simply goes by the number 274, this corn is simply terrific. You can read more about it on our sweet corn page

We will have 274 from now until late September – hopefully even until early October and for Thanksgiving.

Here’s a tip from Farmer Morris:

When you cook corn for dinner, always cook a little extra. When dinner is finished cut all the kernels off the cobs you didn’t eat and scatter them on a cookie sheet. Freeze for an hour and put them in a ziplock bag. Enjoy your own corn all winter long. This corn will taste fabulous in Shepherd’s Pie or even on it’s own. Put your own frozen corn beside the frozen stuff you buy in the grocery store and you’ll never go back!


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