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Asparagus Picking for COPE Service Dogs

Let's Raise Funds For Cope Service Dogs!

Join us on our farm from May 16th until June 11th and pick-your-own asparagus to raise funds for COPE Service Dogs! $1 from every lb of pick-your-own asparagus picked and purchased goes to COPE when you give our pick-your-own staff the code word “SLAIGHT”! We’ll be working to raise funds for Slaight, a service dog in training in COPE’s Canines in Classrooms program. 

Cope Service Dogs Barrie Hill Farms


We’re raising funds for Slaight! Slaight is a service dog in training that works with many people in our community. Slaight works with high school student trainers, who gain leadership and positive mental health in the Canines in the Classroom Program. He also works with children who read to him in the Reading Buddy program, and seniors in retirement homes.

Pick-Your-Own Asparagus Cost

To board our wagon out to our picking fields, we have a $7.00 “promise to pick” fee for all persons age 6-96. This promise to pick fee is a promise that you’re going to help Farmer Morris pick his crops.  This pre-paid “promise to pick” fee then gets deducted from your total cost of crops picked.

Our pick-your-own asparagus is $3.99/lb. So if you pick 2lbs, you’ll have covered your “promise-to-pick” fee and only pay the difference at check-out!

$1 from each lb you pick will go to COPE Service Dogs.

About Canines in Classrooms

Canines in classrooms gives high school students facing barriers an opportunity to learn how to train service dogs. The program, which takes place during the school day, is linked to the Ontario secondary school curriculum. Students can earn high school credits while learning essential literacy and workplace skills. Students have a sense of purpose, helping them stay in school until graduation. Your can learn more here.

Dogs on Our farm

Although we LOVE dogs, due to food safety regulations we are unable to have dogs on our farm. A working service animal (a service dog, in harness for example), is the exception.

We are not located on a busy highway. Customers traveling with their pets are able to walk their pets (and give them a “pit stop”) very comfortably on our quiet country road or in our designated pet exercise area.